List of accepted insurance can be found HERE. For more information in regards to billing and payments please click HERE.

If you are checking in for a department on the third floor, simply go to the third floor and check in at your department. Any of the specialties located on the second floor have check-ins at the main front desk.
No matter if it's your first time or a follow up always have your most recent insurance card, a NY State driver's license or valid government photo ID, and cash/credit card for co pay.
If you don't have a primary care physician at our facility you need to make sure you have your most recent insurance card, photo ID, cash/credit card for co pay, and a REFERRAL.
Yes, we do. Wait time for walk-ins varies depending on how many appointments are scheduled ahead of a walk-in for any specialty.
Restrooms for each specific facility location are as follows:
625 East Fordham Road
Restrooms are located on each floor. First floor restroom can be found to the right of the reception desk. Second floor restrooms can be found immediately to the right when exiting the elevators as well as to the right of the main reception desk. Third floor restrooms are located to the right when exiting the elevators and midway down the third floor hall.
5041 Broadway Ave
Restrooms can be found on the main clinic floor (elevator to up) to the right of the reception desk. There are also restrooms inside the clinic, past reception desks, down both left and right of the hall
149 St
Restrooms are located past the reception desk, you must be buzzed into the clinic for use.
Currently, only the 625 East Fordham Road location has a designated changing table located on the second floor restroom to the right when exiting the elevator.
Metro cards are Only for patients who have transportation specifically covered by their specific HMO Medicaid. Metro cards are Not interchangeable for cab fare, they are Only given to the specific person After the medical visit, and they are Not given to anyone who already has transportation covered in form of MAS vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs. These are specific regulations given by the insurance companies and can Not be overruled by the clinic for any reason. If you are interested in more information about transportation details or to see if you qualify for transportation coverage contact your insurance company for more details.

Feel free to fill out the comments and questions form located here or call our main line today.

Ask the front desk receptionist checking you in, check Patient Portal, and/or call ahead to the clinic.

Depending on which location your appointment is being held at, make sure to check the directory (which can found on the location's page of this website) or ask an employee at the location you are at.
Referrals may be required for insurance purposes is you're seeing a specialist. They also help the doctor you're seeing here with us know who to send the medical reports back to.
If you're interested in receiving a copy of your medical records you can do so by putting in a formal request at our main reception desk. You will need to sign an authorization of release form which will be sent to our medical records department immediately. It will take 7 to 10 business days to receive your medical records. Please note, if you are requesting to having your records sent to another physician office that must be specified and the physician information must be provided for verification.

To make a cancel or change to your appointment you can login to your Patient Portal account. If you do not have an account, you can register for one here.

You can now pay for you copay online! You can login to your Patient Portal account. If you do not have an account, you can register for one here.

Insurance companies pay for a portion of the services provided at a medical facility. Copays are patient's portion of the bill from the insurance does not cover and we are required by contract with insurances to collect copay per visit.
For certain insurances, such as all Medicare and large deductible insurance, we are not able to bill until we receive the allowed amount on EOB. For more information, contact your insurance company.
To get a prescription refilled, depending on the prescription, it must be refilled within three months of the original order. Some medications cannot be refilled without a new visit to the prescribing doctor.
You can call the main line and ask to be transferred to your doctor's department. If you are not getting through, or would simply like leave the message, you can let the call center operator know which doctor you need to speak to for a refill and they will notify the physician by the end of that same day.