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Hospitals in South Bronx Location:

Bronx Hospital - 518 East 149th Street, Bronx, N.Y. 10455 Between St. Anns Ave. and Brook Ave.

The South Bronx MedAlliance location was the first expansion of MedAlliance, officially opening its doors in November of 2009. The decision to expand came from seeing and filling the need the community had and we are proud to have continued serving here for several years.

This facility offers primary/internal care and physical therapy regularly with some specialties alternating on specific days.

Please look at the calendar below to see the list of specialties offered and what days they are offered at this location.

Services Schedule:

Main Floor:

Main Reception
Physical Therapy Department (on specified days)
Internal & Family & Primary Care Medicine Department (on specified days)
Dermatology Department (on specified days)